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Polo Ralph Lauren, English is the “Polo Shirt”, which is knitted sweater, a short-sleeved pullover, T-shirts with the polo shirt is different is led by the Son, and the neck opening with placket with buttons. Was first worn when playing polo, polo in English is polo, so named on the polo, it is also called polo shirt. Although knit polo shirt, shirt collar, but there is comfort and generous.

the origin of polo shirt
Polo shirt originated in the 19th century. Initially by the worsted wool weaving, knitting as the overseas locations in the British island of Jersey, so the first is called Jersey shirt (jersey shirt, sport shirt is a synonym), which is used to football, rowing and other sports wear . Later, Jersey shirt gradually replaced the old Polo shirt, new shirt neck down, with folded collar or lapel and long sleeves, five buttons set in the middle of the front collar. The new shirts to long-term popular in Richmond Park and the representative of the Federation of British polo polo field.

the development of polo shirt
It usually refers to the United States founded by Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren brand, many of which are derived from the play, New York, registered in the U.S. in 1968 while its founder’s Wholesale polo Ralph Lauren with collar shirt is the founder of the brand, of course, POLO T-shirt now This is not only a brand! Brand Profile Series: Ralph Lauren, Polo Ralph Lauren, Black Label, Blue Label, Purple Label, Polo Sport, Ralph Lauren Golf, Ralph Lauren Fragrances, Chaps, Polo Sport, Polo Jeans Co. Lauren to from the United States, under the name of two brands Polo by Ralph Lauren and Ralph Lauren created in the global sales of high-quality field of fashion, the designer Ralph Lauren Ralph Lauren’s reputation and glorious image of the brand continue to develop. So now you can dress this style is called “polo” shirt

With the development of human history, has continued to retain the style of clothing worn only a handful, and Polo shirt is by virtue of its classic style, by a special movement of the dress, evolved into today’s styles of clothing for everyday wear . To 1930, POLO shirt started to become popular casual wear. Now, POLO shirt has become an essential contemporary clothing, wearing the classic model.

POLO shirt worn
1 direct personal wear, people feel comfortable and generous. If you would like to highlight the distinctive features of their own words, some people tend to choose a solid color T-shirt to base, close round neck T-shirt and then wearing a jacket POLO shirt, so it looks that there is another type layering, and color of the collision will be refreshing Oh!

(2) general POLO T-shirt will have two buttons, except in the more formal occasions, or buttons are labeled as not recommended. Personal wear, it is recommended to fasten the bottom button sinking, above an unlock, or unlock button 2 after with a necklace, so that the chest does not look so empty. If you already have T-shirts backing, it might be two buttons are untied.

POLO shirt with
POLO shirt is basically wearing the most basic rule is to coordinate with and comfortable. Dark pants with a striped shirt POLO best, so it looks stable and sexy; if coat color is not dark pants, then it is best to monochrome.

POLO T-shirt with jeans or khaki pants with this approach is the most common, and if you’re tired, it introduces several Cheap polo Ralph Lauren with the following methods:

1 stack to wear: POLO shirt in different colors inside with a short sleeve or long sleeve T-shirt. Choose which of the T-shirt, then white is the wild, of course, according to personal preferences Dachu different styles.

2 sets of wear: the two different colors of the same style set with POLO shirt to wear, to note that wear on the inside of that piece POLO shirt should be set in the outside world than the first, this will show your body, while with a sense of depth.

3 mix and match worn: the so-called mix is ​​to break through the conventional method. Such as the leisure suit with a shirt POLO, POLO shirt coupled with tie, POLO shirt with a jacket, POLO shirt with a knit cardigan and so on chinawholesalefree.com . To try a different mix, you will different.

polo shirt to wear without any restrictions, it is suitable for all ages, suitable for all size, suitable for all male character wearing on any occasion. However, to wear clothing with their own style and taste is the need to spend some thought, oh!

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