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Week 9 Cheap NFL Jerseys regular season will be in Pittsburgh for a main event against both the Baltimore Ravens and Pittsburgh Steelers, this is a war zone with the North Midland, Guangdong Sports, Star Sports, Tencent will broadcast the game and PPTV , please note that the majority of fans watch.

Steel and the crow has been the most important physical confrontation NFL Jerseys, the past few seasons the two teams did a wonderful dedication to our intense drama, this season the two sides clash in Baltimore for the first, the process was a bit unexpected , the Steelers did not resist long throw in the towel on their arms to the poor score of 7-35 lost their opening game, now they usher the best chance of revenge, the Steelers four in a row before this week, morale and state are at their peak, currently 6-2 and the top performance ranking North Midland, 5-2 Crows and Tigers of the same, considered the third row of small points, steel crow who can be excluded from the ranks of the playoffs, is the best revenge.

Historically, chinawholesalefree.com the two teams before the season 8 battle, the Steelers won six times, share some psychological advantages, including the 2008 season and 2010 season's playoffs, before the two teams this season, the score gap of five encounters are within a touchdown, the ball four times by any decision victory, showing both how intense the competition. September 11, that in battle, the Ravens' road he has to rule Bishen ", with tough defense forced the Steelers lost the ball seven times appear mistakes, including four times a sack and three copy cut this - Ross Ellis Berg (Ben Roethlisberger). However, in Heinz Stadium, Big Ben should not be so miserable, he led the Steelers to the Ravens last 8 home games with impressive 7-1 record. After losing the season opener, the Steelers coach - Mike Tomlin said: "We do not like the results, but we have to accept that we should be a strong response!"

After the Pittsburgh Steelers Jerseys won seven games in six games last week at home to a convincing 25-17 victory over the Patriots, so that when the previous game against the Steelers always imposing octahedral - Tom Brady eat bitterness, his limited to 200 passing yards, the Patriots advance of the total distance as low as 213 yards, is the lowest of the season. Injured while Ben has played the momentum, not only the distance up to 365 yards passing and two touchdowns. From the data, not only smaller than the Patriots Ravens offensive than the Steelers have a gap, and their quarterback Joe - Fu Lake (Joe Flacco) this season, the total distance of 1751 yards passing, only 8 came touchdowns than Wallace's 2302 yards and 14 touchdowns much less, the number one wide receiver Ankan Dallas Cowboys Jerseys- Boulding (Anquan Boldin) then 539 yards and two touchdowns, but also the number one external than the Steelers Hand Mike - Wallace (Mike Wallace) 800 yards and 5 touchdowns worse. Almost two ground offensive, Ravens - Ray Rice (Ray Rice) to maintain a high competitive state, the main Steelers running back Rashard - Mendenhall (Rashard Mendenhall) did not play because of injury has two , and Rice is similar to the actual performance, reflected in two of the data, steel and crow's ground offensive are ranked in the middle.

Look from the past, will probably decide the outcome of the defensive, from the loss of scores to see a crow is averaging 15.7 second, Steelers 17.4 ranked third, from the loss of yardage, averaging 263.3 yards a crow to see the first row, the Steelers 270.8 ranked second, the loss of some data on the Steelers this season may be slow, in particular to the season opener was a crow off the hook. Tomlin's defensive about Crow said: "They are Daozu, we fish, they fast, and high talent, they know their responsibilities and perform well, they are each talented defensive line." group compared to the usual high level of defense, attack a group always good in a bad, the worst is undoubtedly lost on 24 October 7-12 Jaguars That ugly game, pass and run even before they get a total of 146 yards last week at home to face the Cardinals, behind 21 points down, the offensive group suddenly to God, and won a free kick opponents, - Ray Rice ran a season-high three touchdowns.

Looking at the present Steelers defensive group was not very optimistic about the three linebacker James - Harrison (James Harrison), Lamar - Woodley (LaMarr Woodley), James - France Lille (James Farrior) are injured, Harrison has been injury four weeks, hopefully back this week, Woodley injured last week has definitely missed, France Lille last week because of a calf injury did not play the Patriots this week in doubt, Tomlin has even intend to 4 offensive front. Steelers Offense injury is a foreigner to take over Hines - Ward (Hines Ward) and rookie Emmanuel - Sanders (Emmanuel Sanders), an important aspect of the wounded crow is wide receiver Lee - Evans (Lee Evans) probably will continue the truce, defensive tackles Haluo Di - En Jiata (Haloti Ngata) a thigh injury, whether played in doubt, protect the front - Grew Booth (Ben Grubbs) toe injury, should be able to battle pain .


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