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Monster headphones come with cables that use superior Quadripole 4 twisted pair leads that are built for extreme clarity and reduced signal loss. Wireless units are also available which are ideal for moving around freely without getting entangled. Dancing, jumping and swirling around is possible now with these wireless Monster Beats headphones. Both the wired and the wireless varieties produce superior sound quality with a high degree of fidelity.

beats by dre studio camouflage color purple

beats by dre studio camouflage color purple
Beats By Dre Studio New Quite often, poor headphones and connecting cables are the cause for the loss of clarity in sound. Most headphones do not convey the details, the dynamics and the bass frequencies of the recordings faithfully. As a result, the music fails to create the impact in the listeners that the artists were striving for.

This is where cheap monster beats high quality headphones can really make a huge difference. With high performance output devices like the Monster Beats headphones, the sound that listeners hear would be identical to what the artists themselves heard when it was originally recorded in the studio. Studio quality sounds are no longer reserved just for recording artists and DJs. The entire range of Monster Headphones brings professional quality sound to consumers, right into their living rooms.

beats by dre studio graffiti blue

beats by dre studio graffiti blue
These phones come with rechargeable batteries that are powerful and long lasting. The ear pieces not only produce superior sound but are also comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The ear pieces come with ultra-soft breathable and plush ear cushions that keep listeners cool and comfortable even when listening to music for hours on end.

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